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My Journey- The Beginning

Balloons 2014

I remember being no more than five years old staring up at the classroom wall in awe at a drawing that one of the older pupils had done.  That was the moment I became fascinated by, and fell in love with art.  From that moment on, I was the child in school who waited eagerly all week for art lessons, who doodled compulsively whenever I got the chance, and who was forever proudly running to my parents with some new creation or another, desperate to learn as much about drawing and art as I could.

Although this spark in me did not die down, years later when it came to choosing a degree course to study I was torn between my head and my heart.  My head won, and told me to pursue a ‘sensible’ subject with a steady career path. So I did.  But I could not ignore my compulsion to paint and draw as it continued to grow.  In the summer of 2013, I felt like I was falling down a dark hole.  I was working in a job which gave me zero satisfaction, and I hadn’t picked up a paint brush in years.  I realised that to be happy in life, I had to change this.  I took what I felt was my lowest point and used this as a reason to start painting again.  And since then I haven’t looked back. Painting is my addiction and greatest experiment from which I’m constantly learning as my art evolves.  I am continuously spurred on by the limitless supply of beautiful things to transform into an image on a canvas. As long as this infinite supply of inspiration remains, so will my desire to create.

Flowers for you 2014

I am 24 years old now (a Bambi some might say) and not naive enough to believe that I will become a full time artist over night.  I know it will take years.  But what I feel is almost certainly not unique to me.  I am positive that there are countless aspiring artists out there who share the same dreams, frustrations and ambitions.  People who wish that they could be blessed enough to do what they love the most all day everyday…

So with that in mind, I have decided to create a Blog  to write about my journey as an artist.  I will be sharing my art, achievements, set backs, and lessons along the way…I would love you to follow my journey.

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I accept commissions and would love to hear from you to discuss any original artwork you would like to me to create.

Emily X

Rihanna 2013


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