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Psychedelic Peacock!

Psychedelic Peacock Progress 2014

Colour Peacock Painting- ‘Mr Psychedelic’. Progress 2014


‘Colour is the medium we emotionally dance in and spiritually swim through.  Colour is light, memory, and speculation.  More or less, pale or saturated, colour is at the confluence of celebration and creativity that brightens up our day’ – Unknown

A bit like a moth to a flame, I often find myself completely hypnotised by bright and beautiful colours.  Everything about them fascinates me- the way they interact, they way they compliment and contrast with one another, the way they mix, and the way that they change and dance in differing levels of light and dark.  Peacocks, are exceptionally colourful creatures, and it is for that reason I am really enjoying working on my current painting ‘Mr Psychedelic Peacock’.

I began using a reference photo, but half way through abandoned all attempt at realism and decided to paint from my head.   For some reason or another, my mind is constantly fixated on colour so this has been a fairly cathartic process which expresses my love of the magical rainbow of colours which exist in the world.

I just have a few more layers of paint until it’s finished- keep a look out for my next post where I will be sharing the finished colour explosion.


Details 2014 boost

Colourful Details


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