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My First Solo Exhibition- An Artist’s Milestone


Emily Louise Heard 2014

Since I started this blog with the intention to write about my journey as an artist, it seemed fairly prudent to include a bit about my first ever solo exhibition.

It was little under a year ago that I made the decision to stop just painting alone in my room just for the joy of it, but to start sharing my  deep love of art with others. More importantly, I made the decision to stop following the path I thought I was SUPPOSED to take, but stepped onto the path I had always WANTED to follow.   So as you can imagine I was surprised and absolutely thrilled when I was given the opportunity to actually display over 20 of my paintings in a popular public venue- The Regal, Evesham.

However, when I was invited to exhibit my work, I had been selling most of my paintings as and when I completed them…so I didn’t have a huge body of work ready for display.  But I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity, and I am always up for a challenge.  So I thought, ‘sure bring it on…I can rustle up 20+ paintings in a month and a half, I LOVE painting…’

And so a month and a half of painting mania ensued.  During that time, when I wasn’t at the full time day job, I was glued to my easel with a brush in my hand, and paint in my hair.

me 2014

Emily Louise Heard 2014

How did I manage to produce so many paintings so quickly?

  1. Thankfully my medium of choice is acrylics, which dry INCREDIBLY FAST.  I am certain that if I had attempted to do this with oil paints, I would have failed miserably (nobody wants to unexpectedly rub up against wet paint)
  2. I am incredibly determined person when in pursuit of something that I desperately want, and a firm believer of you can do anything you set your mind to’Except maths….I hate numbers with a fiery passion- my brain is NOT wired that way.
  3. I am very organised when I really want to be.  I stuck to my deadlines like a ninja.
  4. Enthusiasm- an abundance of this energising stuff fuelled my work.  That, and a smidge of OH MY GOD I AM NEVER GOING TO GET THIS DONE!!
  5. I am fortunate enough to have an amazingly supportive man in my life called Matthew.  He was my lovely assistant when it came to hauling frames from one end of town to another in the blazing heat, framing, and setting up my exhibition.  Oh and patiently listening to me talk NON STOP about art ALL the time.
  6. I have one of those time travelling watches that Hermione Granger has from Harry Potter…

Yes they actually sell these….seriously. I want one.

A few things I did not expect from my first solo exhibition

  1. Just how LONG it will take you to display all of my work in the venue.  I seriously underestimated this job to take approximately an hour.  It took about 3.
  2. How surreal it would feel to have a room full of people looking at my work, when I am usually used to being pretty much the only person in the room with my art at anyone time.

A few things I have learnt from my first solo exhibition

  1. Framing is a nightmare.  And it will give you blisters. When I have more money I am leaving this fiddly business to the professionals.
  2. It is a lot of work, but it is extremely satisfying when all the pictures are framed and ready to hang.
  3. Placement of your paintings, and their position in your display can really alter the whole feel of your exhibition.
  4. There is a chance your very enthusiastic and continually supportive Mum will become a little overwhelmed and emotional.  I know mine did.
  5. This is hopefully just the beginning of many more to follow over the years….

I am looking forward to each and every one.


My first solo exhibition 2014



Magical Night (a) 2014 boost

Magical Night 2014- Emily Louise Heard

Anne Hathaway's Cottage 2014

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage 2014

Bali Sunrise 2014

Bali Sunrise 2014

Bear with me 2014

Bear with me 2014

Bidford on Avon 2014

Somewhere Over The Rainbow..2014 boost

Somewhere Over The Rainbow 2014

Rainbow Lakes boost 2014

Rainbow Lakes 2014

Psychedelic Peacock 2014- Emily Louise Heard The Harpist 2013 Petal Reflections FINISHED 2014 Midnight Evesham 2014 Doe Eyes 2014 boost Captivate 2014





  1. Maureen says

    And it was worth it Emily! A rewarding exhibition….and a very promising future.

  2. You are so inspirational. This one line: ‘I made the decision to stop following the path I thought I was SUPPOSED to take, but stepped onto the path I had always WANTED to follow’ I am going through it right now and as I was reading I was thinking ‘Yes! Exactly!’

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m so glad you can relate (sometimes I wonder if my blog is just the ramblings of a crazy person hehe so that makes me happy!!) Xx

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