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Elephants in Love- A Favourite Painting

Flowers for you too! 2014 progress

Progress on the easel…

A couple of months ago I painted a little painting of two elephants in love- ‘Flowers for You’.  This painting seemed to be a clear favourite.  So I decided to paint it again, only this time BIGGER.

Here is some progress so far!
Flowers for you too! 2014 progress.jpg..number twoAlthough it is difficult not to keep referring to my first painting of this, I think one of the most important parts of art is just ENJOYING THE PROCESS and admiring the outcome. So I am focusing on just relaxing and painting as if I have never painted it before.

I’ll keep you posted how this one turns out 🙂


Flowers for you 2014

Flowers For You- Original painting 2014



  1. Hi there. I absolutely LOVE THIS. wondering if you would be interested in selling it? It would be a wedding gift to my best friend. Thanks for considering! Mariah

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