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Pictures can speak a thousand words…

Firstly,  I need to apologise for my extreme lack of blog posts lately- the only excuse I have is that I have been a really busy little bee with paintings and commissions, and I do all of this whilst juggling my time around a full time day job like a wizard. They say that a picture can speak a thousand words, so to save you a bit of reading time I thought I would let my colourful new works do the talking.  I hope that you enjoy 🙂

I will be writing a bit about the stories behind each commission over my next few posts, so keep an eye out.  People have the most beautiful reasons for commissioning original artwork, and it’s a process that I love to be a part of.

charlotte and nathan stage 3.

Emily Louise Heard Art

‘Dream Big’- Hot Air Balloon at Sunset Painting




‘Dream Big’


A beautiful commission


Christmas commissions!


The Twelve Apostles painting.

Peter Wileman Lessons- Dusk 2014 close. uswe

‘Dusk’- a beautiful harbour at night

Hello my friend 2014 progress boost

Hello My Friend- a work in progress

early days2



lyn ww


Lyn and Richard ready to be rehomed.jpg 2 USE

Colourful commissions

finished fiona.jpg me-001

Where I am happiest

I love you boost

I love you

finished fiona.jpg close USE

Commission magic

finished fiona USE


Early Days

Busy Bee

Artist at work

Artist at work

Artist at work

Artist at work

Fairytale painting

Magical Commission

Sandcastles are beautiful messy boost



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