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Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

lemon splash 3....boost

Emily Louise Heard Art- Colourful Duck Painting- ‘Lemon Splash’

The best kind of Sundays are undoubtedly spent with a paint brush in my hand, and with paint on my face.  Today I have been having UBER amounts of fun painting a colourful little duck family with oils on MDF board.  This is the first time I have ever painted on MDF board with oils, and I have to say it’s a lovely surface to paint on- so smooth and forgiving with the crazy colours and energetic brush strokes that I tend to use with my work!  I cannot wait to experiment more with this surface with my new collection of paintings ‘The Joy of Animals’.  This collection of work will be in aid of raising awareness for the Soi Dog Foundation, a charity who provide invaluable support to some of Thailand’s most desperate dogs.  Once the collection is complete, I will be donating 10% of all sales to the charity.  However, it’s now time for me to pack up my paint brushes tomorrow and head home to Wales for Christmas.  I cannot believe just how quickly this year has FLOWN by, and all of the progress that I have made with my creative journey.   I am incredibly grateful for what this year has taught me, and am very hopeful for what next year has in store. Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 Keep chasing your dreams… after all, life is not a dress rehearsal! ‘The universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf’ Love Emily xx

lemon splash 3..boost

A Colourful Duck Painting- Emily Louise Heard- Lemon Splash

Lemon splash 3 BOOST

Colourful Duck Painting- Emily Louise Heard Art-  Lemon Splash- A Work In Progress


  1. Your artwork is vibrant yet it has a distinct mellowness to it that I really like. I’m happy that I stumbled onto your blog.

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