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So What

So what complete 2014 boost

‘So What’- A colourful cow painting by Emily Louise Heard

A playful look at one of nature’s more gentle and endearing creatures, the humble cow! This bold and vibrant mixed media piece was inspired by a walk I took whilst exploring the countryside of the area I had recently moved to. I was absorbed in taking reference photos for my latest landscape piece of the beautiful fields I was standing in when I heard a distinct rustling next to me. As I quickly turned to find the source of the noise, I was greeted with this friendly and quizzical face staring idly at me over the top of the bushes. It made me smile, so I decided to paint her in the hope that she would make others smile too!
Infused with positive energy and bright colours, this piece would make a unique and eye catching addition to any room.  Now available via my Art Finder Store.  10% of the sale price will be donated to the Soi Dog Foundation.

So what 2...

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