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Finding inspiration for paintings

Emily Louise Heard Art

Stormy Skies- Emily Louise Heard Art

I’m no wizard with a camera, but I love the opportunity to combine my love of exploring with my love of seeking inspiration for paintings!  It was a warm, stormy Sunday today- the perfect chance to get out there and take some reference photos.

I’ve taken plenty of photos that I can’t wait to turn into images on a canvas.  There’s something slightly hypnotic about dramatic skies and the unique quality of light that stormy days create.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks for my latest works 🙂

Emily Louise Heard

Stormy skies- Emily Louise Heard


Inspiration- Emily Louise Heard Art


Poppy Field- Emily Louise Heard


Emily Louise Heard Art- Inspiration


Emily Louise Heard Art- Stormy Skies

Beautiful Light in Grass

Emily Louise Heard Art- Inspiration

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