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UK Artist Emily Louise Heard’s Whimsical & Dreamlike Paintings | Wall Hop

I am very happy to say my artists interview with Canadian gallery Wall Hop is now published on their website!  They do such fantastic work in providing a wonderful platform for established and emerging artists alike.  I would be so grateful if you could have a read of my interview and also learn more about the opportunities that Wall Hop provide artists with ☺


Simply follow the link below 💜




  1. image I will order something, or buy from you, thanks to you and I wish you all,,, happy, and keep it up, live many hope to.

      • in my circle of friends, they are psychologists with her hair quickly turned gray, please laugh,,,,,
        urgently in Berlin Country Search (her job)

      • Oh dear! I’m not a psychologist – I just Studied it ☺
        my congratulatory its final in advance
        I only said it wants a soul that is reflected outwards in postiven sense
        but can help people and also gets the same course, I
        have a request to you, read the article on color and paint, please try offt as possible fresh runs in milling room. Thank you and good times at Studied

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