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Childhood dreams


Emily Louise Heard Art

When I was a child I read a book about a city in the sky.  I think it was a non religious take on heaven. I was filled with a sense of wonder and peace thinking about the magical place it told stories of.  It was described so beautifully and as I six year old I was completely enraptured.  Now I can’t really remember the details of the book, only the emotional impression that it left and the serene blue illustrated village on the front cover.  Tonight I thought I would try and recreate that childlike wonder and tranquility with the start of my latest piece.  Wish me luck ☺


  1. you don’t need luck. 🙂 you’re a great artist and what you create will emulate what your mind possesses.

  2. everyone needs the odd respecting what you can not see or it can chamfer is there in us all, (thankfully) all the best and best congratulation, right and left of you, the angels helper and helferen, always with you at work, I offer also and I wish good luck,

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