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Artist appreciation month


Emily Louise Heard Art Dandelions


Emily Louise Heard Art

Did you know that August is Artist Appreciation Month? 

I was recently informed by my friends at Patience Brewster that this month is Artist Appreciation Month! Patience Brewster is an artist herself and if you haven’t yet heard of Patience Brewster I would really recommend taking a look!  This talented lady designs collections of original and endearing ornaments full of character, life and charm. This is the month to celebrate and start a conversation about the artists that have inspired your work and impacted on you personally as an artist!

Where it began

When I was a child, my parents would sit and read picture books to me every evening before bed.  I was completely enraptured by the illustrations and colourful illustrations. I remember being utterly fascinated by the fact that an artist could tell a story and convey an emotion without any words and cause the viewer to become absorbed in a world of make believe.  The artist who first inspired me the most and began my obsession with drawing and art was Jane Hissey, the author and illustrator of the children’s books Old Bear and Friends.  When I was younger, my work was very illustrative, and I loved creating illustrative artwork that could be used in children’s picture books.  Now, whilst her works and style do not seem to have any influence on my current impressionistic paintings, she was definitely one of the artists who was the catalyst that sparked my love of art.


Jane Hissey


As an avid lover of colour and works infused with energy and expression, my favourite artists are those who work with vibrant colours and expressive brush strokes.  Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram and the vast array of artists online, I have been hugely inspired by the colourful works of artists such as Peter Wileman, Julie Dumbarton, Charmaine Olivia, Antony Bridge and Claude Monet.  Collectively, these artists inspire, motivate and challenge me to keep exploring, experimenting and following my dream.

Artists, it’s your turn!  Who inspires you?  I would love to hear about your artistic influences.  Simply write a post for Artist Appreciation Month and let me know 🙂 


Monet – The Summer Poppy Field


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