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My paint pallete


Colourful Paint Pallete | Emily Louise Heard

I like to think there’s method in the madness of my disorganised paint pallete. In reality there probably isn’t.  I always begin a new paint pallete with the best intentions, and arrange the colours beautifully like a rainbow.  Twenty minutes into a painting and I’m so absorbed I don’t even notice that my paint pallete now looks like a unicorn has sneezed on it.

Still, as long as I subconsciously know where I’ve squeezed the new blobs of colour that’s all that matters right?



  1. Your palette and nail polish look gorgeous. It does not look disorganised to me, though. It is a project in itself. I am a neat freak with palettes and use a flower shaped one to organise the colours. I wish I had the confidence to just put them all together. xo

    • Aw that’s lovely to hear, thanks so much but it is definitely chaos haha. I remember exactly where each colour is and am careful not to mix them somehow 😂. Wow you can get a flower shaped pallette?? That sounds awesome!! It’s probably better that you are neater than me ☺☺☺

      • It is better for walls and floors that I try to be neat. Also, my clothes cost a fortune to dry clean so I had better behave. I can’t seem to dress down for a painting session, so this situation cannot be helped. I’ll make sure to feature my flower palette on an upcoming blog post (DIY project). x

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