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Painting the future – A wedding gift


Earlier in the year, I posted that I was working on a secret painting. That painting was commissioned by a customer who wanted to surprise her sister with a unique wedding present. She asked me to paint the bride and groom on their wedding day, before the wedding had actually occurred. So I got out my artistic crystal ball (all artists have one on stand by) and tried my best to paint the future…

With the brief of a teal theme, white dress, the venue, and a few Facebook photographs of the couple to work from, I had to try and imagine the scene. The most difficult part was deciding what to paint the bride in. Would she be wearing her hair up or down? Veil or no veil? Big dress? Lacy dress? Ivory, white, diamantes, plain or silk dress??

I really didn’t want to get it catastrophically wrong, so aired on the side of caution, aiming to keep it as simple as possible.




Painting a couple I have never met, and creating a scene from one of the biggest days of their lives before it had happened was both incredibly challenging and enjoyable. Whilst I was nervous the painting would either be a success or a complete flop, I was excited to see the reaction when the bride and groom received their painting.

The customer gave the painting to her sister on the day of the wedding. She has since very kindly sent me some photographs of the day. Here’s the bride and groom receiving the gift. I hope they like it as much as I liked painting it!

weddingwedding 2

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  1. Hi Emily,
    I was the bride!!! We absolutely love the painting and were so amazed at how much it looked like us- even having never met!
    Such a thoughtful gift from my sister and an incredibly talented artist!
    It is pride of place in our flat!
    Thanks again!
    Anna x

    • Hi Anna!

      Wow! Congratulations!! I’m so glad you liked it ☺☺ I was a bit apprehensive about getting it right but im so happy you think it looks like you. I really enjoyed painting it and thanks for agreeing to let me share the pictures of you both!

      Thanks for getting in touch – always appreciated 💖💜

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