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Don’t let the bastards get you down

Don’t let the bastards get you down.


It’s something people say to encourage you to keep being you, to keep following your path. Ignore the judgement of others, shake off their opinions and carry on shining. But what if the biggest bastard is within yourself?

That nagging voice…you’re not good enough. Give up. Why bother?

I thought about this today, as I felt heavy with my own self perceived inadequacy. It weighed on my back like a boulder, pushing me deeper into the sofa.. ‘Why bother?’ it whispered. I couldn’t move and drag myself to create, I felt helpless and overwhelmed.

We are all our own worst critic. Our own worst enemy, and the biggest hurdle to success than anything else. Where is the saying don’t let YOUR bastard get you down? Because the majority of the time, we don’t have anyone else to blame than ourselves.

The good news is that these spells of self doubt are fleeting. We just have to learn to ride the waves as they come, and fight our way to the surface as they try to drag us down.


  1. Gary Bertnick says

    We all have a natural desire within to be perfect. It’s part of how God draws us into His reality.
    There is only One Way to enter into rest concerning who we are, what talents we express, etc.
    The “hidden treasure”, “pearl of great price”.
    You might check out an old friend who has gone the route to artistic satisfaction- Dorsey McHugh.
    Keep moving forward in your excellence.

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