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“Emily Louise Heard is an emerging artists hailing from the UK.  Her bright colours capture a world that is almost imagined from a child’s fairytale. Vivid, playful, and glowingly expressive her artworks remain light-hearted and are a breeze to visually digest.  Reading Emily’s perspective on her creative process will leave you seeing the silver lining in most things!” – Wall Hop Gallery

Hello! My name is Emily Louise Heard and I am a UK based artist creating colourful and emotive works of art.

 I grew up in a small seaside village in South Wales, and have loved art all of my life. I vividly remember being no more than four years of age staring at a painting on a wall and being utterly transfixed. From that moment forward, I knew that I needed to become an artist.

My initial fear of becoming a ‘starving artist’ drove me to study Psychology at university and put me on a path that I didn’t really want to follow. Since working in several offices for a few years, I made the somewhat scary decision to begin chasing my dream of sharing my art with others. I gradually began building my own business. There have been moments of frustration and uncertainty, but my passion and determination keeps me creating the art I love, and I haven’t looked back since.

My Psychology studies have inspired me to create works of art that are aimed at simply making people feel happy. It never ceases to amaze me how art can have such an uplifting impact on our emotional well-being and connect with us on all levels. I believe that everyone’s perception of the world is uniquely different and that each is infused with an emotional reaction. Emotions are the spirit of life, and I am extremely passionate about capturing them in my work.

Pursuing my dream has been the best decision I have ever made, and nothing gives me greater joy or fulfilment than sharing my art with others.

 Influences include Claude Monet, Vincet Van Gogh and Leonid Afremov.

I welcome commissions, and encourage you to contact me with your thoughts and ideas.   Collaborating together with regular photo updates from me, we can create an original and sentimental piece that you can keep and love for a lifetime.

For more of my work,  visit my official website 

Please feel free to say hello on Facebook

or join me on Instagram 

Emily x


  1. authoraamir says

    I wish you all the very best! Ever success. Trust all is very well. :)👍🌟

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I love dogs they are the most wonderful animal in the world to me! Oh wow that’s such a lovely job. I’d love to try China painting- it must take such skill and patience though!

      • She took lessons for 6 weeks and then the teacher asked her to help her. I will put some pictures of her work with one of the poems I wrote for her wrote! Whereas most china is very light and wispy, hers was very deep colorful and dimensional.

      • No, no! Thank you! You absolutely deserve the recognition. I love your work- it’s very inspiring and jaw dropping beautiful!

      • Aww well you have made my day with your kindness and encouragement 🙂 I will be posting my reply soon (I have painting to do this evening as my laptop has broken haha)

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  3. Forever Young says

    I know Emily. She’s got beautiful heart. She is humble and caring and kind and considerate and won’t give up on you. Ever. This comes out in her art.

    Emily is really full of surprises. And just when you think you know her then she will come up with something new. I will tell all you readers now… Emily means so much to me. She always has, but I guess that the beauty of it all is that she’ll never know who I am. I wish her the best in all she does and of course, I am glad she has found what she is looking for.

  4. HI, Your art is absolutely amazing and wonderful. Gorgeous and mesmerizing.
    Glad to find your blog, its pretty beautiful as you are. 🙂

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