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Framing paintings

My lovely assistant is looking very pleased with himself after helping me with a busy day of framing ready for my solo exhibition on Tuesday 10th November. I’ve chosen white frames for all of my colourful pieces, and I have to say I’m very pleased with how they all look now they are framed, bubble wrapped and ready to go!

Just breathe

Sometimes you just need to step back from a painting for a while, and come back to it with a fresh wave of inspiration.  I picked this painting back up after a few months and it added a new lease of life ☺ It’s a playful and slightly nutty exploration of my love of dogs. They make me very happy!

The Gift Of Photography: A Few Handy Basics

If you read my previous post ‘The Gift of Photography’ you will know that I was recently given an SLR camera for my birthday-EXCITING.  From this, you may also know that I have no idea how to use it! I decided that I would embrace my newbie photographer status and share the lessons that I learn along my little journey of discovery with this remarkable piece of equipment.  Last time I ventured out into the world with my camera, I was literally just pointing and shooting using automatic mode (which I like to refer to as THE SAFE GREEN BUTTON).  Although I liked some of the photos that I took, I was well aware that I could do better with a bit more ‘know how’.  This weekend I had an accomplice who knows a thing or two about photography- my brother James.  He showed me a few handy basics that any newbie photographer can start to experiment with.  I think it is important to point out that I did not go out with the intention of taking fantastic photos, but to …