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Painting the future – A wedding gift

  Earlier in theย year, I posted that I was working on a secret painting. That painting was commissioned by a customer who wanted to surprise her sister with a unique wedding present. She askedย me to paint the bride and groom on their wedding day, before the wedding had actually occurred. So I got out my artistic crystal ball (all artists have one on stand by) and tried my best to paint the future… With the brief of a teal theme, white dress, the venue, and a few Facebook photographs of the couple to work from, I had to try and imagine the scene. The most difficult part was deciding what to paint the bride in. Would she be wearing her hair up or down? Veil or no veil? Big dress? Lacy dress? Ivory, white, diamantes, plain or silk dress?? I really didn’t want to get it catastrophically wrong, so aired on the side of caution, aiming to keep it as simple as possible. Painting a couple I have never met, and creating a scene from …

Secrets and creative expression

This is what I’m working on right now.ย  I’ve been commissioned to paint a wedding present to the future bride and groom. It’s always an honour to be asked to paint something meaningful for people, but there’s also the added pressure that you don’t capture their essence when painting a portrait. I’m afraid I can’t show you their faces just yet, it’s a surprise. Have a beautiful weekend and stay creative ๐Ÿ’•

Why do we want to be loved?

Love is one of the most sought after feelings in the human condition. ย It should come as no surprise then, that it is ultimately a favourite source of inspiration for writers, musicians, and artists alike. ย It is something which drives us, something which fulfils us, and something which simply makes us happy. ย Capturing and successfully conveying the deep and meaningful emotions that accompany love is one of the most rewarding challenges an artist can face, and one which I thoroughly enjoy. ย Love can be simple, or entirely complicated. ย It provides a whole rainforest ย of possibilities for a writer or an artist to explore, with a thousand different seasons to depict. But what is it about love that we so desperately seek and desire in our lives to feel ‘whole’? 1) SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Did the bond of love originally serve a higher evolutionary purpose in primitive humans for the protection and nurture of their offspring? ย From a logical point of view, yes. ย  If a child had both parents working as a unit to …