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What is life for?

It’s tricky balancing a day job around a full time passion but also incredibly rewarding seeing the results of my hard work and focus stacking up around me.  If you have a dream, chase it as hard and as far as you can! After all, what is life for if not to challenge yourself to the limit and follow your passions wherever they may lead?

Just breathe

Sometimes you just need to step back from a painting for a while, and come back to it with a fresh wave of inspiration.  I picked this painting back up after a few months and it added a new lease of life ☺ It’s a playful and slightly nutty exploration of my love of dogs. They make me very happy!

Oh My Goodness How Kind!

I am a firm believer that it is the little things in life that can bring you the greatest joy.  They can plaster an unexpected happy little grin on your face and make you feel as if you are beaming like the midday sun.  It is these moments in life that are the little trinkets that you can really cherish among a box of larger treasures.  They may not be as big, expensive, or shiny as the other jewels but they have a worth in their own right.  They glimmer into your life when you least expect them and simply lift you up when you are in need of a boost.  These moments are the threads that sew the tapestry of a happy life together, and are something for which I am incredibly grateful for. I have not been blogging for very long, and started this blog to share the lessons that I learn along the way as I embarked on my creative journey as a self taught artist.  I am so passionate about making …

Overcoming your fears

Each and every one of us probably has something we are afraid of- it’s perfectly natural, nothing to be ashamed of, and simply part of being human. Whether you are afraid of spiders, the dark, snakes, clowns or even conkers- there’s a big scary world out there with a million different things to be afraid of.  Scary thought? FEAR NOT, you can exert a level of control over your worst fears and even master them.  And that’s an empowering and encouraging little thought isn’t it? As fears go, I have many.  You might say that I am a bit of a wimp, a baby, a ‘scaredy cat’ or a big girl’s blouse.  At an everyday level, I am scared of spiders, crane flies (I don’t care what anybody says, those things are FLYING SPIDERS), melon seeds and the dark after watching a horror film.  On a deeper and more phobic level, I am petrified of heights to the point that even looking a an image of a great height, makes me feel giddy. After graduating from …

How to be more creative

Have you ever looked at a painting or a piece of art and thought something along the lines of ‘I wish I could do that’ but done absolutely  nothing about it?  Have you ever really asked yourself why you have never just picked up a brush and given it a go? Some of the most common (and often daunting) feelings facing those who wish to be creative are: Not knowing where to start Fear of failure If you do want to be creative, but feel a bit reluctant, then you may find my little list of advice helpful. I have picked up these nuggets of information from my own experience, and the advice of others.  I frequently utilise this list whenever I am suffering the irritatingly notorious ‘creative block’ which plagues us all from time to time.   Oh and remember, this list does not apply to artists alone.  It is useful for anyone who seeks a creative outlet.  Whether you want to write a poem, sculpt a Greek God, learn to play the ukulele, or simply knit an amusing …