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It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous

”Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”

Colourful Portrait

This piece was heavily inspired by one of my all time favourite artists, Charmain Olivia. If you haven’t seen her awe inspiring work, you really need to.


Messy mind, happy heart?

My studio is messy, I’m not going to lie.

Flower paintingI’m not organised, nothing has a dedicated place, and I mainly paint on the floor using cardboard boxes to rest my canvases on. Classy right?

Everything in there is pretty much covered in paint splats..and if it isn’t, it will be.

But despite the chaos, it’s the one place I feel surprisingly calm.

The exciting news is that I have a new studio space being prepared ASAP. Maybe I’ll keep it tidy…watch this space.

Picture yourself at 80 years old

It’s a peaceful Saturday night, and I’m sat with a mural I painted for our bedroom. I’m leading up to the start of something new – I’ve finally made the decision to reduce my hours at a full time day job in order to spend more time chasing my art. If you’d told me this 3 years ago I’d have probably fallen over.

Art is a journey I’ve always wanted to follow. From being 4 years old staring at a painting on a classroom wall to being 18 years old crying in the shower because I decided to follow my head and not my heart..and cancelled my application to art college to study psychology. It’s a path that’s full of uncertainty, fear and anxiety. Fear of failure, judgement and the unknown. But it’s also full of meaning and colour, and makes far more sense to me than anything else I know how to do.

Sure I’ll have less money, will need to work harder than ever without any guarantees of success. But I sure as hell don’t want to find myself at 80 years old, nearing towards the end of the one life I’ve had without having taken a risk and given it a dam good try.

Wish me luck πŸ™

We spend too much time not living

Art isn’t just about creating, it’s about taking the time to sit and think. To explore ideas in your mind and just be.

I don’t think any of us take enough time just to think, or just to be. We spend our lives rushing, chasing, doing, going, working, watching, scrolling…

Take time out just to be in your own body, and in your own mind.