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Framing paintings


My lovely assistant is looking very pleased with himself after helping me with a busy day of framing ready for my solo exhibition on Tuesday 10th November.

I’ve chosen white frames for all of my colourful pieces, and I have to say I’m very pleased with how they all look now they are framed, bubble wrapped and ready to go!

Put yourself in the picture

UK artist . Colourful paintings

‘Enchanted Tree’ – Emily Louise Heard

I’ve just entered this painting into the Guardian’s latest art assignment.  For the assignment, critic Jonathan Jones has invited artists to create their own self-referential work of art about art. This theme could be interpreted in any way. This is how I chose to interpret it:

“I think the primary goal of art is to connect with others, tell a story, and convey emotion. Artists often make themselves vulnerable by sharing what is in their hearts with those around them. They do so with the hope that others may gain a positive experience from an insight into their vulnerability. For my contribution, I wanted to include one of my paintings that has a powerful emotional significance for me.

In this painting ‘Enchanted Tree’, I wanted to convey the happiness and energy this beautiful part of the Warwickshire countryside gives me by using an array of vivid colours and expressive brush strokes. It’s so important to have somewhere we can go that makes us feel peaceful, present, and alive. I think we all have one of those places. For me, this is that place.”

I would be incredibly grateful if you could spare a few seconds to vote for my work.  All you need to do is click ‘recommend’ next to my painting.

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Thank you so much!


My paint pallete


Colourful Paint Pallete | Emily Louise Heard

I like to think there’s method in the madness of my disorganised paint pallete. In reality there probably isn’t.  I always begin a new paint pallete with the best intentions, and arrange the colours beautifully like a rainbow.  Twenty minutes into a painting and I’m so absorbed I don’t even notice that my paint pallete now looks like a unicorn has sneezed on it.

Still, as long as I subconsciously know where I’ve squeezed the new blobs of colour that’s all that matters right?

A new perspective

I’m currently working on this painting.  Whilst I began with bundles of enthusiasm for a moment I seemed to have hit a wall with where I wanted to take the piece.  I couldn’t decide if I loved it or HATED it. 

Artists can often get ‘too close’ to their work to really understand how the image is progressing. I know I often go into ‘perfectionist mode’ too soon into the painting and become impatient.  I have an image of how I want the painting to be and I want it to get there NOW! Of course we all know that you can’t rush art 🙄

Sometimes in art (and life) simply looking at something from a new perspective gives the image a whole new feel, and provides us with a fresh new wave of enthusiasm for the work. 

If you are struggling with a painting, turn it upside down and look at it.  Stare  at in the mirror, or simply capture it from the most awkward or interesting angle you can manage.  It really helps ☺