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Find your voice

It’s not until very recently I’ve found the art I want to keep creating.

My path as a self taught artist hasn’t been easy, and at times I’ve berated myself, criticized everything about my work and almost given up.

I didn’t have a defined voice or ‘brand’ even though I was desperately trying to find it. The moment I stopped frantically asking myself ‘what defines me as an artist’ and just painted straight from my heart I found the answer.

If you’re struggling with the same thing, stop judging yourself! Let it happen naturally โค๐ŸŒˆ

It’s a journey.

Paintings to chill out to

These little bursts of colour are part of my latest challenge – 30 paintings in 30 days.

They are infused with energy, embellished with gold leaf and pearl pigment and available on a first come first serve basis.

Get in touch if you’d like your own โค

Chat to me on Instagram @emilylouise_art


Find your direction

I’ve literally struggled for YEARS to find a consistent theme to keep in my work. I know I like bright colours and that my work leans towards contemporary impressionism, but to be honest that is about it. The rest of the time I was like a child in a sweet shop running around with glee and distraction by all the bloody beautiful things to paint.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only artist to wrestle with this struggle. Don’t get me wrong, I still sell my work, take commissions, and have solo exhibitions and I’m very happy with the journey I’m on. But I’m even happier to say I think that finally I’m not just skipping along a path I want to follow anymore, but running with purpose.

I think this piece is a turning point for me, I’ve never enjoyed painting a piece more and felt so much enthusiasm to create more.

I’ve named it Briony, after my sister a she continues to inspire me with her strength and resilience of character after a tough year of dealing with a disorder that changed the way she views the world ๐Ÿ’™

I hope you like this new direction. 

When you feel sad…

So I haven’t been able to paint much lately. I’m a huge animal lover, and just lost one of my guinea pigs to genetic kidney disease. It was heart breaking to me.  Why am I telling you this? Well because it caused serious ‘artists block’. 

I’m sure LOADS of people have experienced this sticky, blurry, head fuzz that decides to sit in your brain from time to time. For me it comes along when I feel sad. I don’t think there’s a cure, I think you just have to harness the bad and turn it into good.

So I’m working on a whole new collection of paintings based on the unique little characters of animals, and the happiness they can bring us. Bit different to my previous landscapes, but art is a journey…as are the stories from our lives that enrich our work 👌

This collection will be  for you, Jelly Bean.

Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea


Emily Louise Heard


Parallax Art Fair

A vibrant and bustling Parallax Art Fair at Chelsea Town Hall, London this weekend. Packed with an array of interesting work and artists, it’s definitely worth a visit! I’ve hung my original painting ‘Enchanted Tree’ amongst the collection of work and I am very pleased to be a part of this exciting event.

Head to the Parallax Art Fair website if you are in London tomorrow  (14th Feb) and are looking for a fab afternoon out โ˜บ

Painting the future – A wedding gift


Earlier in theย year, I posted that I was working on a secret painting. That painting was commissioned by a customer who wanted to surprise her sister with a unique wedding present. She askedย me to paint the bride and groom on their wedding day, before the wedding had actually occurred. So I got out my artistic crystal ball (all artists have one on stand by) and tried my best to paint the future…

With the brief of a teal theme, white dress, the venue, and a few Facebook photographs of the couple to work from, I had to try and imagine the scene. The most difficult part was deciding what to paint the bride in. Would she be wearing her hair up or down? Veil or no veil? Big dress? Lacy dress? Ivory, white, diamantes, plain or silk dress??

I really didn’t want to get it catastrophically wrong, so aired on the side of caution, aiming to keep it as simple as possible.




Painting a couple I have never met, and creating a scene from one of the biggest days of their lives before it had happened was both incredibly challenging and enjoyable. Whilst I was nervous the painting would either be a success or a complete flop, I was excited to see the reaction when the bride and groom received their painting.

The customer gaveย the painting to her sister on the day of the wedding. She has since very kindly sent me some photographs of the day. Here’s the bride and groom receiving theย gift. I hope they like it as much as I liked painting it!

weddingwedding 2

For more of my work, or commission enquiries visit my website.


Colourful art exhibition – London February 2016


Enchanted Tree. Colourful tree painting. Emily Louise Heard

I will be taking part in the Parallax Art Fair in London on the 12th – 14th February 2016. The free event is taking place in the Chelsea Old Town Hall with a wide range of talented artists exhibiting their work. Definitely worth a visit – come say hi if you are in the London area and fancy a colourful day! You can book FREE tickets by visiting the Parallax Art Fair website.

Emily xx

It’s nearly Christmas!


Family of Ducks


Tranquil Tree

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas! Just to say thank you SO much for all your support and encouragement throughout 2015. It’s been a year of colour, exhibitions, and excitement with lots of paintings and prints headed to loving new homes.

I’m packing up my paints again for the festive season, and exchanging them no doubt for mulled wine and mince pies…

I have my first exhibition lined up for February in Coventry and a group show in London. I can’t wait to see what magical excitement the rest of 2016 brings.

Merry Christmas all 🎄โ˜บ

Emily x


Painting sunsets

Framing paintings


My lovely assistant is looking very pleased with himself after helping me with a busy day of framing ready for my solo exhibition on Tuesday 10th November.

I’ve chosen white frames for all of my colourful pieces, and I have to say I’m very pleased with how they all look now they are framed, bubble wrapped and ready to go!