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Why do we create?

Have you ever wondered why we paint? I have. What is it about painting that makes the chit chatter of our minds quieten down to nothing but calm? It’s almost like a meditative state, pushing colours about the canvas, watching your inner world grow and change from white nothingness to vibrant somethingness. It’s therapeutic, addictive and challenging all at the same time. An escape from your own thoughts nagging and the passing of time. For more of my work find me on Instagram @emilylouise_art or visit

A new perspective

I’m currently working on this painting.  Whilst I began with bundles of enthusiasm for a moment I seemed to have hit a wall with where I wanted to take the piece.  I couldn’t decide if I loved it or HATED it.  Artists can often get ‘too close’ to their work to really understand how the image is progressing. I know I often go into ‘perfectionist mode’ too soon into the painting and become impatient.  I have an image of how I want the painting to be and I want it to get there NOW! Of course we all know that you can’t rush art ๐Ÿ™„ Sometimes in art (and life) simply looking at something from a new perspective gives the image a whole new feel, and provides us with a fresh new wave of enthusiasm for the work.  If you are struggling with a painting, turn it upside down and look at it.  Stare  at in the mirror, or simply capture it from the most awkward or interesting angle you can manage.  It really helps …

Be impulsive

So this is how some of my paintings begin. Scribbled, impulsive bursts of colour! It’s always fun to start a new painting and just be a passive observer of the process.  A lot of the time art is just ‘happy little accidents’ and my paintings are often just as surprising to me as the viewer! This one is going to be colorful, of that I’m sure โ˜บ Emily x

Where Do You Find Peace?

There is something about a beautiful tree at a riverside with the sunshine dancing though the leaves. ย I can’t explain how beautiful I find it. ย It is one of the places that makes me feel most peaceful. ย So I have started to paint my favourite place. ย This is where I am so far. ย What makes you feel peaceful?