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Framing paintings

My lovely assistant is looking very pleased with himself after helping me with a busy day of framing ready for my solo exhibition on Tuesday 10th November. I’ve chosen white frames for all of my colourful pieces, and I have to say I’m very pleased with how they all look now they are framed, bubble wrapped and ready to go!

Mind blowing photography to inspire

I’m currently working on a new collection of colourful paintings inspired by amazing smeared sky photography Matt Malloy. If you have not seen these incredible and unusual photographs yet I highly recommend taking a look! As soon as I saw them I knew I had to use them as reference for a vibrant new selection of work. There are plenty of eye catching new paintings on my easels at the moment that I can’t wait to share with you โ˜บ Watch this space!

Just breathe

Sometimes you just need to step back from a painting for a while, and come back to it with a fresh wave of inspiration.  I picked this painting back up after a few months and it added a new lease of life โ˜บ It’s a playful and slightly nutty exploration of my love of dogs. They make me very happy!

Where Do You Find Peace?

There is something about a beautiful tree at a riverside with the sunshine dancing though the leaves. ย I can’t explain how beautiful I find it. ย It is one of the places that makes me feel most peaceful. ย So I have started to paint my favourite place. ย This is where I am so far. ย What makes you feel peaceful?