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Beat the January blues

It never ceases to amaze me how works of art can have such an uplifting impact on our emotional wellbeing and connect with us on all levels. I’m in the process of adding lots of new originals to my online store. Head to my website to find a bright and colourful original painting to help combat those January blues.

Things that bring a smile to your face

Life is beautiful, extraordinary, and filled with opportunities. ย We all know that right? But sometimes, just sometimes, life can provide barriers (obstacles if you will) that serve to compete with the path of happiness we all so wish to skip along. ย It can throw up irritating little hurdles that you just have to hop over and carry on ย as you dance along your merry way. ย At least that’s the slant on life I try my best to uphold. ย It’s not easy, and sometimes it can be a downright battle when you feel like you are constantly trying to push, heave and kick obstacles out of your way like a relentless Ninja. ย But even a Ninja has down days right?! Anyway, today was one of those days for me. ย But do you know what really cheered me up when I was feeling a bit fed up? This picture of my Dog Harvey (left) and his friend Harvey (right). ย Whilst on the surface this is a silly picture of two bemused dogs with towels on their heads, …

Childhood dreams

When I was a child I read a book about a city in the sky.ย  I think it was a non religious take on heaven. I was filled with a sense of wonder and peace thinking about the magical place it told stories of.ย  It was described so beautifully and as I six year old I was completely enraptured.ย  Now I can’t really remember the details of the book, only the emotional impression that it left and the serene blue illustrated village on the front cover.ย  Tonight I thought I would try and recreate that childlike wonder and tranquility with the start of my latest piece.ย  Wish me luck โ˜บ