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Find your flow

Pick up a paintbrush. Don’t think about it, don’t overthink, judge or criticize yourself. Just paint. Watch the bright and beautiful colours swirl and splash together on the canvas. Become immersed in a quiet and peaceful world entirely of your own making. Find your flow.

An Interview with Artist Emily Heard – Whim Online Magazine

Sometimes when you need inspiration or a muse, it can be tricky to find. But recently I stumbled across a beautiful online magazine that is literally BURSTING with inspiration – Whim magazine.  I’ve also been incredibly lucky to have an interview about my art and process published to this wonderful site. If you are looking for a whimsical and dreamy inspiration hit, then look no further! Oh and if you want to learn about my everyday shenanigans as an artist have a read of my interview with them ๐Ÿ˜€


I’ve recently decided to start tackling portrait work, as my love of art started with trying to draw people. The only problem I find with learning how to paint portraits is that you can leave yourself a little vulnerable as an artist. People are more likely to spot flaws and when the proportions aren’t quite right. I know I make all of these mistakes when my paintings first start out, but I like to share these early stages anyway. It’s part of my learning process and helps me try harder. Sometimes you can get so close to your work that you fail to spot the mistakes. Until you take a photo and suddenly it’s so obvious! #awkward My point is, art is a journey, a process and a challenge. It’s all one great big work in progress – whether you’ve signed and varnished it or not. โ˜บ It’s part of why I love it.

Beat the January blues

It never ceases to amaze me how works of art can have such an uplifting impact on our emotional wellbeing and connect with us on all levels. I’m in the process of adding lots of new originals to my online store. Head to my website to find a bright and colourful original painting to help combat those January blues.

My paint pallete

I like to think there’s method in the madness of my disorganised paint pallete. In reality there probably isn’t.  I always begin a new paint pallete with the best intentions, and arrange the colours beautifully like a rainbow.  Twenty minutes into a painting and I’m so absorbed I don’t even notice that my paint pallete now looks like a unicorn has sneezed on it. Still, as long as I subconsciously know where I’ve squeezed the new blobs of colour that’s all that matters right?

Artist appreciation month

Did you know that August is Artist Appreciation Month?ย  I was recently informed by my friends at Patience Brewster that this month is Artist Appreciation Month! Patience Brewster is an artist herself and if youย havenโ€™t yet heard ofย Patience Brewsterย I would really recommend taking a look! ย This talented lady designs collections of original and endearing ornaments full of character, life and charm. This is the month to celebrate and start a conversation about the artists that have inspired your work and impacted on you personally as an artist! Where it began When I was a child, my parents would sit and read picture books to me every evening before bed. ย I was completely enraptured by the illustrations and colourful illustrations. I remember being utterly fascinated by the fact that an artist could tell a story and convey an emotion without any words and cause the viewer to become absorbed in a world of make believe. ย The artist who first inspired me the most and began my obsession with drawing and art was Jane Hissey, the author …

Finding inspiration for paintings

I’m no wizard with a camera, but I love the opportunity to combine my love of exploring with my love of seeking inspiration for paintings! ย It was a warm, stormy Sunday today- the perfect chance to get out there and take some reference photos. I’ve taken plenty of photos that I can’t wait to turn into images on a canvas. ย There’s something slightly hypnotic about dramatic skies and the unique quality of light that stormy days create. ย Stay tuned over the next few weeks for my latest works ๐Ÿ™‚