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It’s your world

Revamping an old painting from last year.  I think every artist has one, that painting hidden away in the corner of their studio.  It sits there unloved and unfinished for months and months- the painting you just can’t get right and so can’t really bear to look at.  For me, this was that painting.  I decided to drag it out from its hiding place last night and change it up a bit. This is the result ☺ The beauty of art is that if you don’t like something, change it.  It’s your world 💜

Vibrant and Colourful Mountain Painting

Sometimes I wonder if my brain would much rather I see the world continuously as if I were on psychedelics…anyway- here’s my latest painting.   When I’m painting, there’s no process I follow or regimented technique I stick to.  I just tend to paint and see what happens…I’m pleased with how this impulse piece turned out- but I would love to know what you think. Emily x For more of my work, have a look at my Facebook page: