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Colourful Rain Painting

  This piece is inspired by one of my favourite artists, who I looked to for improving the freedom of my technique. This painting means something special to me, not because of what it looks like, but what it represents. Underneath the thick layers of colourful acrylic, there are two of my previous paintings which I poured over for hours, making continuous adjustments, critically comparing each detail to my reference photos and then starting all over again by quickly sweeping a layer of white paint over my work.  I repeated this process twice. To others, it seemed like a waste of time and effort, but to me this was not a pointless task.  It was a valuable lesson in learning about myself as an artist, and about what works and what doesn’t when putting paint to canvas. I am a self taught, and find that making mistakes and creating ‘failed masterpieces’ is all part of the learning process as I continue my journey to on the road to becoming a full time artist.     For …

Colourful Paintings

  It’s always satisfying to see how far I have come with my art since I started last Summer.  Here’s me surrounded by a few of my recent paintings- I like to think of it as my colourful art cave, and I fully intend to make this cave as big as possible… As I am not a full time artist, I am currently painting like a mad painting pixie during the evening as I have a solo exhibition in June, which I’m very much looking forward to.  It will be my first chance to display my work publicly in real life! I think it makes such a difference viewing artworks up close and personal rather than seeing photographs, which can take away some of the vibrancy and detail of the work. For more of my work, take a look at my Facebook page: Or follow me on Instagram:   Emily x