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How does an artist know when a piece is finished? Part 2

Firstly, I have to apologise that I haven’t posted recently- I’ve been very busy with commissions and preparing for a little solo exhibition (framing, organising and varnishing take so much longer than you would think!).  I do all of this along side a full time job, and sometimes I just wish I was like Hermione from Harry Potter with the time travelling watch just so I could squeeze it all in.  But unfortunately I’m not, so for now I make do with being almost entirely nocturnal…hoot hoot.  My last post briefly tackled my take on the mystery ‘how does an artist know when a piece is finished’.  And I surmised that it’s not always the artist who decides this, but the viewers as well.  I chose to leave this piece ‘unfinished’ by popular demand.   However, a few weeks passed, and there the painting was…just looking at me.  Taunting me with it’s unfinished-ness.  So I caved, and put it back on the easel as a working progress.  And  after a few touch ups here and …

How does an artist know when a painting is finished?

  I recently shared the start of my latest painting to my Facebook art page.  To me it was just the beginning, the skeleton if you like, of a piece I planned a lot more work for.  However, the response I received for a painting I thought was in it’s infancy was surprisingly positive, with the general consensus being to leave it just as it is…. That got me thinking, how do you know when a piece is finished? So I had a little look on the internet to see what other artist’s had to say.. ‘I have no fears about making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through. It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess’- Jackson Pollock  ‘I find that at about the point when I no longer want to rip the canvas apart and smash the stretcher, then it’s probably about finished!’ – John Houston ‘The paintings I love most …

Colourful Paintings- Rainbow Painter

  Art is my everything. It is the loud voice in my head that it is constantly singing, that I cannot silence- but do not wish to. It is on my mind as soon as I wake up, and it is the last thing I think about before I fall asleep. It is a core part of who I am and who I want to be, and I am undoubtedly at my happiest when I am painting the beautiful colours that transfix me. I started this blog with the intention to write about my journey from part time artist to full time artist.  So here’s a recent update…in sum, May seems to have been a manic manic month! Suddenly out of the blue everything seems to have changed gear.  I have a little solo exhibition at the end of the month, I am going to be part of Art Crasher’s Gallery tour in LA, and an Art Gallery now has six of my paintings to display and trial with the view to looking into having …

Hot Air Balloon Painting

    I love how enchanting hot air balloons look floating gently across the sky. To me, they represent a whimsical form of escapism from reality- I cannot help wondering where they are going, but like to think it’s somewhere magical.  Have a look at my latest painting- this is the second hot air balloon themed piece I have painted, and really enjoyed every minute of it.  I intend to paint a few more- what do you think?   Emily x          

Beautiful Boat Paintings

  I’ve been very busy this weekend painting!  I’ve been working on six different paintings which I will be uploading over the next few days, but for now, here’s two of my beautiful little boat paintings. These two mini paintings look lovely as a pair, or on their own 🙂     For more of my work, please feel free to say hello on Facebook: Keep an eye out for my next few posts where I will be uploading my some more colour explosions!! Emily x