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Messy mind, happy heart?

My studio is messy, I’m not going to lie.

Flower paintingI’m not organised, nothing has a dedicated place, and I mainly paint on the floor using cardboard boxes to rest my canvases on. Classy right?

Everything in there is pretty much covered in paint splats..and if it isn’t, it will be.

But despite the chaos, it’s the one place I feel surprisingly calm.

The exciting news is that I have a new studio space being prepared ASAP. Maybe I’ll keep it tidy…watch this space.


  1. Gary Bertnick says

    a spiritual focus eclipses the worldly circumstances…art is a healthy refuge
    Thank you dear artist for sharing. God’s best be yours

  2. Gareth says

    It’s a place where you create art. It’s GOING to be messy. I doubt any artists work in a clinical, laboratory style, studio. Call your new studio: Inspiration Central.

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