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Paintings to lift your mood |Emily Louise Heard

Artist in front of easel

Emily Louise Heard

It may be raining here in the UK, but I have some sunlight to bring the summer to your home in the form of original art!

I’ve just updated my online shop with some new colourful art, straight off the easel.

Head to my store to have a browse.

Enjoy! Here’s a snippet of some of the bright works in my collection available for purchase.

Did you know that I’m also now on YouTube? Head to my channel to watch insights into my studio, process and being an artist.

Much love,

Emily x

Carry beauty wherever you go

‘When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go’
-Alexandra Stoddard.

I hope the beautiful places I carry with me are reflected in my paintings. They always fill my head whenever I’m painting from the ❤️ This piece is called Butterscotch, and is an original oil on canvas. DM me if you are interested in the original. Otherwise I have a range of stunning canvas print sizes available via iCanvas.

Pink and grey abstract sky painting

Paint from your head

Painting of sea

When your leggings match your work… Going through a bit of a purple phase over here at the moment 🙋I don’t know what it is about purple, pink and orange together to make a sunset, but I kind of want to live in those colours!! Anyway this piece is straight from my head with no reference photo today. I flit between using reference photos and not, because certain paintings I don’t want the pressure of ‘capturing’ an existing scene, but instead want to share a bit of my mind and my thoughts in the medium of brush strokes and colours 🙏

Purple sea painting by Emily Louise Heard

Ferris wheel painting by Emily Louise Heard

Find your zing

Purple sea painting

I’ll be honest, recently I had started to feel like I had lost my art ‘mojo’. I was painting for the sake of painting, trying my best to produce something that not only I loved, but hopefully others would too. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed my work but something was missing. I wanted that emotional connection back where I could lose myself in a painting and feel what I can only describe as a zing of energy and happiness. Sometimes, because I now make money from my art (for which I am so grateful) I find it difficult to separate the ‘job’ side from the joy side. I put pressure on myself to paint something that will sell, and keep me doing what I love. And that can be emotionally and artistically draining. However I’m happy to say I feel like I got my zing back with this piece. By that I don’t necessarily mean it’s the best work I’ve ever created, but I painted it from my heart, and that’s what matters most to me. ❤🙏

Don’t stop chasing your dreams

I want my art to convey a feeling, an emotion, because trust me they are filled with it. Ever get that feeling when you’re so lost in the process, that your mind drifts away and your heart starts racing? I don’t really know how to describe what painting does, but it’s the best form of escapism. I want that feeling to transcend to those who look at my work. It’s meant to make you feel like you’re drifting, calm, and peaceful. It’s something to look at in your home when you want quiet reflection, inspiration or a zing of energy.

I’ve spent years pouring my heart into my art (rhyme totally unintended), every brush stroke is a step on a journey, a leap of faith. It’s a dedicated and unfailing desire to chase a dream that landed on my shoulders when I was 5 years old, staring up at a painting on a classroom wall.

Sky paintings by Emily Louise Heard

It’s a labour of love, a struggle against fear and doubt, and most of all it’s a passion spurred on my my simple child like desire to make the world a more beautiful place!

These babies are about to be added to my online shop! Don’t they look pretty together?

Which one is your favourite?

What is it like being an artist?

Emily Louise Heard welsh artist

Emily Louise Heard – photo by Christian Stone

Hello to the new faces around here, and thank you for supporting my work! I’m Emily, and I’m an artist from south Wales  I thought I’d share a few thoughts on being an artist from my own experiences.

Pursuing the ‘path’ of being an artist, is a bit of a funny one. Over the years it has brought me joy, fear, pride, shame, certainty and more uncertainty than I thought possible all rolled into one weird little cocktail of determination. We are often discouraged to pursue careers in the arts, because of course nothing is certain, and financial stability does not go hand in hand with being an artist. I cannot guarantee that I will sell X amount in any given month.

Many people find this whole aspect of being an artist enough to run for the hills. Sure, it can be stressful, and I will admit that it is a bit of a roller coaster. Some months, your sales are up. Some months they are down. It is the nature of being an artist (and this is not unique to the creative field!) Is that enough to stop me from creating the work that I love and sharing it with others? Nope  If you are an artist, you cannot switch that part of your brain off, no matter what obstacles come your way.

It never ceases to amaze me how art can have such an uplifting impact on our emotional well-being and connect with us on all levels. Emotions are the spirit of life, and I am extremely passionate about capturing them in my work. I would continue to paint regardless of whether I made any money from it or not, but I am INCREDIBLY grateful that so many of you have chosen to support me by adding my paintings to your home.

Painting is my way of celebrating my time on earth. We are on this lovely, weird little planet for such a fleeting time it would be senseless not to follow our hearts.

You can view my work here

Divergent | Art is a process of discovery

I called this piece Divergent, because the meaning of the word resonated with how I felt when I created it:

tending to be different or develop in different directions.

This piece was different for me, because as a lover of bright and bold colours, I literally had to restrain my hand from reaching for MORE COLOURS DAMMIT I LOVE THEM ALL!!

My initial thoughts were that this was more of an exercise in self control than the creation of something I’d be proud of. I’m pleased to say I surprised myself.

I’m not usually one for a subtle colour pallet, instead opting for colours that are bright and ‘happy’. However this piece has taught me that sometimes less is more! I’m actually very pleased with the tranquillity and calm of this painting, which in turn makes me feel happy to look at, and I hope you feel the same.

I learn something new with every painting. Art really is a never ending journey of self discovery, and I want to keep on skipping, running, ambling, wandering and limping down whatever road it takes me on.

Whose with me?!

You can view more of my work via – every painting I post is for sale (or sold) so if you see something you like, treat yourself 😉


Emily x