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Imagination is everything


Emily Louise Heard Art

Sometimes it’s incredibly freeing just to paint with no idea what you’re painting.  I simply put a few of my favourite colours on my palette and started to paint.  I didn’t plan, I didn’t think, I didn’t judge, I just painted.  I don’t really know where this is going but it’s fun waiting to find out.


  1. ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ said Einstein. It’s a brilliant description of creativity. However creativity without analysis and some discipline can be chaotic and sometimes counterproductive or pointless. I used to teach children creativity and nowadays I teach it to adults because I’m versed in many arts figurative, music arts of movement and cooking. I’ve even published a fiction book that explores creativity in a fairy tale manner.
    In my view creativity is not only about creating but is also the best way to keep the mind, young, elastic and open to new ways, possibilities and ideas.

  2. Imagination is everything…very true. I think painting and art is one area where imagination is immensely required. ๐Ÿ™‚

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